Greater goals of the Congress

Take away crucial insights and help us shape the future of F2F Fundraising!

The first international Face2Face Fundraising Congress in Vienna aims to provide an opportunity to engage and exchange with leading fundraising experts from all over the world to discuss crucial issues and share privileged insights pertaining to the vital fundraising tool of canvassing. 

We are thrilled to connect decision makers and thought leaders from NPOs, fundraising associations and regulators as well as fundraising agencies and service providers from all around the globe. But while we are all together, why not go one step further? 

Let’s take advantage of this unique gathering of global expertise in F2F fundraising and create something tangible, something applicable, something durable together!

First Mapping the global landscape of F2F fundraising

We invite all participants to contribute their diverse insights to draw a picture of the global landscape of F2F fundraising, mapping out trends and opportunities. This comprehensive, worldwide overview of the current state and the future development of F2F fundraising allows participants to bring home a concrete assessment that informs and inspires their everyday work.

Shaping the worldwide future of F2F fundraising

But that’s not even all of it. The first international F2F Fundraising Congress has another ambitious greater goal: We want to utilize our three days of discourse and reflection on F2F fundraising to conclude with a internationally shared set of values and establish global standards and best practices that guide and direct our fundraising activities.

Be part of the International F2F Fundraising Congress in Vienna to gain access to cutting-edge insights on the global state of F2F fundraising and help us shape the future of this crucial fundraising tool!

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