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About the International F2F Fundraising Congress

Face-to-face becomes a driving business in many fundraising markets. Growing engagement by people, better skills, innovation and new technology are key elements, but new legal restrictions and a lack of public trust could hinder this growth.

The first International Face 2 Face Fundraising Conference aims to provide a platform for learning, skill sharing and disruption around direct dialogue fundraising. Bringing together speakers to host interactive outcome driven sessions to enable direct dialog to develop, professionalise and address some of the issues.

A group of fundraisers, fundraising associations and agencies are keen to bring together global leaders for this first conference in Vienna, Austria in 2023! It will be a result of diverse efforts since 2014. For the first time F2F fundraisers will meet, share experiences and discuss the future of this fundraising tool, that is still becoming more and more important.

Currently a committee is established to develop and brainstorm a program. Its members include international high fundraising an F2F experts such as Daryl Upsall. The host and organizer of the Congress and online Summits is the Fundraising Association Austria.

Lost in Translation?

We know that there are many terms around “Face2Face Fundraising”. And even if that exact phrase might not be used in your country,
please still feel invited to our international congress!
There might be different translations, but they all indicate the same field.


F2F Fundraising might be called

  • Canvassing
  • Face-to-Face Fundraising
  • Face-to-Face Recruitment
  • Direct Marketing
  • Street Fundraising
  • Door-to-Door Fundraising (D2D)
  • Venue Fundraising
  • Private Site Fundraising
  • Promotion Campaign
  • Member Recruitment
  • Direct Dialog Campaign

F2F Fundraisers might be called

  • Canvassers
  • Facers
  • Fundraisers
  • Dialogers
  • Independent Sales Agents (ISA)
  • Ambassadors
  • Recruiters
  • Changemakers
  • Social Promoters

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