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International F2F Fundraising Congress!

Working for SOS Children’s Villages International located in Austria, I am thrilled that Vienna is the venue for the International F2F Fundraising Congress. This event will give fundraising experts from all over the world the chance to connect with each other and learn from international best practices.

Harald Maier

International Head of Individual Giving, SOS Children's Villages International

Face-to-face fundraising is a hugely effective method for reaching new donors, and if it’s done well, it can be the beginning of the relationships we need for long-term support. At the European Fundraising Association, we are delighted to support this peer-to-peer exchange of expertise, experience and discussion around ethical best practice and standards at the International F2F Fundraising Congress.

Charlotte Rydh

President, European Fundraising Association

Join us for this amazing skill-share and networking opportunity. Here, organizations and agencies from around the world come together to discuss, disrupt, and rethink their F2F channel. A must-do opportunity!

Daniel McDonnell

Global Face to Face Fundraising Specialist, UNICEF

Just as face-to-face fundraising allows NGOs to form a personal and emotional connection with their supporters, the International F2F Fundraising Congress in Vienna will allow us fundraising experts to come together from all over the world and establish meaningful relations with international peers.

Jacob Møllemose

CEO, Agency Scandinavia

In our increasingly connected world, it is vital to look at future challenges and opportunities with a global perspective. I’m excited to connect and exchange with international experts in face-to-face fundraising!

Reinhard Schlossnagel

CEO, Formunauts

At the International F2F Fundraising Congress in Vienna you´ll be able to see, meet and debate with some of the world’s best forward thinkers and learn about the most successful face-to-face fundraising programmes.

Daryl Upsall FInstF

Chief Executive, Daryl Upsall & Associates SL and Daryl Upsall Consulting International SL

The motivation of the dialoguer teams is key in establishing successful face-to-face campaigns. Finally, the International F2F Fundraising Congress allows us to get inspired and learn from the psychological strategies in other countries!

Franz Wissmann

CEO, Dialog Direct

At this in person face-to-face congress, the best experts from all over the world will share their experiences and vision on issues and challenges for the coming years and debate together. Definitely, the greatest event to come for face-to-face fundraising, where it all began, in Vienna!

Jean-Paul Kogan-Recoing

President, International Public Fundraising Council

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