Lovely Vienna

Although we already have a full and exciting program for you,
there is always time to enjoy and discover Vienna!

Once there, you will see that the city offers some great activities that you can visit around the Congress.
We give you an overview about the most beautiful places.

Vienna is Indulgence

Viennese cuisine is the only type of cooking in the world that is named after a city. Vienna is also the only metropolis in the world that grows enough wine within city limits to be worth mentioning. The Viennese coffee house is known around the globe for its informal pleasantness, as an oasis of gemütlichkeit. No wonder that the bistro, wine tavern and cafe are the foundational pillars of Vienna’s culture of food pleasures in all its enticing variety.

© Wientourismus/Peter Rigaud
© Peter Rigaud Photography GmbH

Vienna is Imperial

A stroll around Vienna can be like a journey back in time to the days of the empire – it comes as no surprise that the historic city center is a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. Vienna boasts 27 palaces and 163 other residences – examples of the city’s illustrious history await on virtually every street corner and the capital’s coffee houses are the perfect places to dream of imperial days of yore. And if you are interested in shopping you can visit one of the former purveyors to the imperial court.

Vienna is Artistic

The world’s largest Bruegel collection and the prettiest kiss immortalized by Jugendstil genius Gustav Klimt in his world-famous painting can only be found in Vienna. The cultural capital is also a place where you can discover a rich diversity of styles and eras. Baroque opulence and cool avant-garde coexist in an exciting creative environment. Pieces by talented young designers now hang in the ornate staterooms and are just as impressive as the old masters found in Vienna’s modern museums.

© Wientourismus/Paul Bauer
© Wientourismus/Paul Bauer

Vienna Sets the Tone

Every night in Vienna around 10,000 music fans are treated to live classical music, something that is simply unheard of in any other city in the world. Each year the Vienna concert schedule includes more than 15,000 events of various sizes and genres. No other city has been home to so many composers – Mozart, Mahler, Haydn, Beethoven and Johann Strauss, the king of the Viennese waltz, all worked in the city.

Vienna is a Standard of Living

Life is good in Vienna. What the Viennese have long known to be true is also officially confirmed: In 2019, the Mercer Study voted Vienna the world’s most livable city for the tenth year in a row. And in 2018, for the first time, the renowned British news magazine “The Economist” chose Vienna as the world’s most livable city, the first European city ever to hold this title. According to US climate strategist Boyd Cohen, Vienna is one of the smartest cities in the world.

© Wientourismus/Paul Bauer

© Text from WienTourismus

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