First round of proposal submission is now closed – Stay tuned for the second, more specific Call for Presentations!

The first Call for Presentations is now closed. We are positively overwhelmed by the incredible amount and quality of session proposals that have reached us!

Together with our Program Committee of leading international experts in fundraising, we are now evaluating all submissions to create an exciting and engaging program around topics like ethical standards and self-regulation, innovation and technology, donor journey, recruitment and team motivation, business models and many more.

First confirmed speakers:

    • Emily Bracken, Deputy CEO and Director of Strategy & Analysis at Daryl Upsall & Associates (Spain)
    • Vikram Chowdhary, Head of Fundraising and Marketing at ChildFund Australia (Australia)
    • Bruno Da Silva Machado, Direct Dialoguer Manager and Sponsor of F2F Working Group at MSF – Médecins sans Frontières (Norway)
    • Richard Dalgety, Global Face2Face Fundraising Advisor at SOS Children’s Villages International (Austria)
    • Elsbeth de Ridder, Global F2F Fundraising Specialist at Save the Children International (Spain)
    • Gabrielle Edmond, Senior International Face-to-Face Specialist at Oxfam International (Spain)
    • Martin Gaffney, CEO at JAG GROUP (Malaysia)
    • Eszter Hartay, Senior Legal Advisor at ECNL – European Center for Not-for-Profit Law Stitching (Europe)
    • Jean-Yves Jacquelin, Chairman of the EPC Scheme Evolution and Maintenance Working Group and Member of the Scheme Management Board at European Payment Council (Austria)
    • John Jeffries, Co-Founder and Head of Development at New Canvassing Experience (NCE)/New Fundraising Experience (NFE) (UK)
    • Ian MacQuillin, Director at Rogare – The Fundraising Think Tank (UK)
    • Omar Mahmoud, Chief of Market Knowledge at UNICEF (Switzerland)
    • Eduard Marček, President of European Fundraising Association (Europe)
    • Daniel McDonnell, Global F2F Specialist at UNICEF (Switzerland)
    • Jacob Møllemose, CEO at Agency Scandinavia (Denmark)
    • Dr. Adrian Sargeant, CEO at The Philanthropy Centre (UK)
    • Reinhard Schlossnagel, CEO and Founder at Formunauts (Austria)
    • Johannes Spiess, Head of Data Science at Joint Systems Fundraising and IT Services (Austria)
    • James Stickley, Supporter Recruitment Manager, Leader of F2F/Loyalty Attrition Task Force and Co-Sponsor of F2F Working Group at MSF – Médecins sans Frontières (UK)
    • Daryl Upsall, CEO at Daryl Upsall & Associates SL and Daryl Upsall Consulting International SL (Spain)
    • Erica Wasdoorp, President at A Direct Solution (USA)
    • Dominic Will, Director of Partnerships at Personal Fundraising Services (UK)
    • Phil Woollam, Vice President International Strategy and Growth at International Rescue Committee, (USA)

Stay tuned for further program updates!


Did you miss your chance to submit your proposal but still want to share your expertise with international delegations from organizations such as Médecins sans Frontières (MSF), SOS Children’s Villages, UNHCR or WWF International? Worry not, we will soon issue a second, more specific Call for Presentations. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed on all updates and opportunities!

Themes of the International F2F Fundraising Congress

The first International Face 2 Face Fundraising Conference 2020 provides a unique platform to learn, engage and connect with fundraising professionals from all over the world. In interactive, outcome-driven sessions we will explore crucial issues and share best practice around the following key themes:

Ethical Standards & Self-Regulation

Ethical standards and self-regulation initiatives have been early developments within the F2F world. Within this section we want to understand the landscape within which the tool of F2F is embedded, such as; how can it impact upon the acceptance, influence and image of the sector and of fundraising within a non-profit organization?; Pricing policies and practice versus quality management and delivery; Price models/cost per donor – what is the right price to pay for what quality donor? Furthermore are we interested to understand about the mechanisms of self-regulation, especially in emerging markets. Market saturation leads to various ways how capacity and/ or location management is or can be regulated; share your case studies how you in your country/region/organisation deal with quality initiatives (quality standards), advocacy and joint initiative(s) of self-regulation.

Innovation & Technology

Systematic innovation and improved technology is needed to manage and control the sign-up process and its full integration with and complex back office management processes and long-term donor stewardship. Within this section we will address and share the pros and cons of the latest smart technologies in the market and those in development. Showcase how your organisation and technology partners are responding to the various challenges, be they related to banking systems, quality control or analysis and reporting; share the specific apps used for sign-up processes, fundraiser motivation, storytelling and use of using virtual reality and other immersive experiences; examples of facilitating and controlling payments; performance analysis and big data, artificial intelligence etc are the keywords in this section.

Donor Journey: Open up to other strategies and how they interact

“A Donor Journey is a series of communications with donors that follow the logical evolution in the relationship between the organisation and the donor. The Donor Journey inspires and delights donors. In this way, their connection with the organisation should be strengthened and donations should be increased in the long term.“
Definition by

Within this topic we ask you to showcases of interaction with potential donors and/or new adaptions or even new ways to approach on street, we want to understand your designed donor journey and/or how integrated fundraising (F2F working other fundraising tools such as SMS, telephone, WhatsApp, Instagram etc.) is handled in your organisation; what do you undertake to systematically retain and develop the lifetime value of your face to face recruited donors.

Recruitment & Team Motivation

The quality of the recruiters, team leaders and co-ordinators is crucial for successful F2F programs, not only regarding the number of supporters, average donation and retention rates, but also the side-impacts on the public image or acceptance and valuing of F2F with non-profit organisations. Share your experiences and best practice case studies as well as the failures with this complex but vital and high level human resource management issue. We ask you to submit your idea around the following sub-topics:

  • Different paths in recruitment strategies: Bring your case studies on your innovative recruitment model or show how your organisation goes about facing recruitment challenges
  • Integrated F2F/online recruitment strategies: working with Google AdWords and other digital media
  • Cross recruitment experiences
  • Recruitment & education; train the trainer concepts, what works and what has failed?
  • Key aspects of team motivation and retention, model case studies
  • Soft skills development and training; psychology of fundraisers
  • Human resources strategies, career development and personnel management, codes of professional conduct etc. in general

General Topics

As outlined above we invite you to submit your special ideas or topics, again we address some key issues here you might consider to present or discuss on:

  • What is the PESTLE for face to face fundraising now and in the next 5 years (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, Environmental) context that it operates in and as it evolves what does that mean for us?
  • How to set up a new programme and structure it
  • In-house or agency, both or hybrid? What about combined programmes between In-house team and agency team? Underlying strategies? Pros and cons of different approaches
  • Challenges and opportunities of in-house programs
  • Challenges in establishing F2F emerging markets
  • Core qualities of F2F programs, KPIs & benchmarks
  • The relevance of clothing/uniforms/staging/props etc.

Business Models

As in society also the F2F fundraising word there are abroad range of urgent sustainability challenges, in particular, how to create “sustainable business models” – and the contribution to ecological/ social/economic value creation – will be of high relevance. We are looking for future-fit F2F business models within the community to foster innovative transitions. You are invited to send in your case studies and/or ideas for a series of discussion panels in front of a highly competent audience.


If you have any questions, please contact Peter Steinmayer
(Head of Face2Face Congress,, +43 1 276 52 98-12).

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