Angela Norton

Angela innovates the way compliance and regulation are approached, bringing together relationships, data-driven solutions, and creative collaborations to positively impact the for-purpose sector.

Angela has over ten years of experience in the for-purpose sector, as well as a background in corporate finance and customer service.

Angela began her charity career in face-to-face fundraising and has since managed donor acquisition and retention programs for The Fred Hollows Foundation and Tearfund. She served as a Board member of the PFRA NZ for five years before taking on the challenge of leading the New Zealand industry through a global pandemic.

Since taking up the role of National Manager for the PFRA NZ, ensuring that the industry survives and thrives beyond COVID-19 has been a significant focus. During this time, she has implemented a new strategic framework for fundraising regulation, supported by new technologies, policies, training, and education resources, as well as a website. This, in turn, is delivering a future-focused and strengthened fundraising industry that is making a positive impact both at home and around the world.

Angela at #F2FCongress23:
Day 2, 12:15-13:15: Keynote 4A – Self-regulation as a framework for long-term sustainability in F2F fundraising: a practical guide for your market. with Sherry Bell – PFFA Professional Face-to-Face Fundraising Association (USA) and Peter Hills-Jones – Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (Australia)

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