Gordon McCrindle

Since 2018, I have presented as a speaker at three UNICEF conferences, including in a workshop format, in Portugal, Croatia, and Thailand, with topics ranging from launching operations in emerging markets to case studies in F2F management best practice, as well as people management in the fundraising industry. Having worked in fundraising for 13 years now, I have been able to build strong experiences across multiple markets – Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, the UK, India, and New Zealand. I have also worked remotely with in-house teams from the Philippines.

Currently, I manage a portfolio of major NGO programmes across Asia as the Regional Director of Partnerships at OmniRaise, supporting in strategically managing NGO investments in F2F, telemarketing, and digital – with a particular focus on lead generation and conversion, and new market development and insights. I focus on setting up new partnerships with NGO as well as offer best practice advice on donor care for the fundraising industry.

Gordon at #F2FCongress23:
Day 2, 11:00-12:00: Workshop 2E – Market insights of the Asian F2F environment post-COVID – specifically focusing on staff recruitment and retention