Letal Zidkony

Letal Zidkony is Director, Donor Loyalty & Marketing Strategies. Letal has over 17 years of experience in Direct Response roles, leading and guiding large multi-channel acquisition and conversion programs; offering perspective that blends both deep channel knowledge with extensive strategic and operational insight. Prior to joining Planned Parenthood, during her time at the ASPCA©, she was on the frontlines of DRTV, Face-to-Face Canvassing, Telemarketing, and Mail acquisition as well as conversion initiatives. She has intimate knowledge of all facets of large-scale monthly donor programs from multi-channel acquisition, maintenance, cultivation to retention strategy and implementation.

Letal at #F2FCongress23:
Day 2, 14:15-15:15: Workshop 3A – Fighting the U.S. Supreme Court. One Planned Parenthood Story at a time. with John Jeffries – New Canvassing Experience (UK)

Letal Zidkony F2F Fundraising Congress 2023
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