Michael Cronin

Vibrant F2F Fundraising professional with 20 years of expertise leading successful national-level direct marketing campaigns within Australasia, North America, and Asia. Delivering technical fundraising support and guidance to individual giving teams in UNICEF Country Offices and National Committees in the Asia Pacific region for the previous four years.
Impactful and innovative with an exceptional history of opening new and emerging markets and optimizing sub-optimal campaigns via infectious energy to drive best practices and fundraising excellence. Revels in building high-performing, energized, inclusive teams, which are empowered, and collaborative; founded on communication, integrity, and professionalism.
Speaker experience includes leading multiple annual F2F workshops [agencies + UNICEF Global], and four years of regular Global F2F webinars as host and co-host to all UNICEF markets.

Michael at #F2FCongress23:
Day 3, 9:15-10:15: Keynote 7: How UNICEF is improving its F2F fundraising quality globally with Daniel McDonnell – UNICEF (UK)