Charities and nonprofits use a multitude of fundraising channels and platforms to ask for donations, but when it comes to regular giving, face-to-face is hard to beat. 

In Spain, face-to-face is the main donor recruitment channel (closely followed by telemarketing), growing the number of regular givers significantly in recent years. In Austria, it typically brings in over 100,000 new regular givers annually and in the UK, the Institute of Fundraising reports that over 260,000 were recruited on the doorstep or on the street last year. And if there was ever a time where we needed an opportunity to recruit new committed supporters, surely this is it.

After months in lockdown, cancelled events and limited fundraising activity, nonprofits across Europe are facing massive funding shortfalls. There’s been a desperate need to get back out there and start fundraising but the priority – of course – has to be ensuring that fundraisers are doing it in a way that is safe, respectful and abides with social distancing recommendations.

Peter Steinmayer

Peter Steinmayer

Fundraising Verband Austria

Peter Steinmayer is head of Face-to-Face at the Austrian Fundraising Association (Fundraising Verband Austria), responsible for all activities supporting face-to-face fundraising organizations and suppliers.