Fundraisers want to inspire donors to support their causes. In this article, Omar Mahmoud and Daniel McDonnell want to demonstrate that the Non-Profit sector can benefit from knowledge that was developed in the commercial sector. They show how behavioural economics could be applied to fundraising and which principles could be of use for your organisation.


Daniel MDonnell

Daniel MDonnell


Having worked with fundraising operations In over 48 countries I am an International fundraising specialist who is target-driven and hard working with a proven track record.

I have high standards of myself and those around me. Having worked in the non-profit sector for 13 years and with over 20 years marketing experience, I am a high achiever. I have extensive strategic planning experience, excellent organisational skills and I am self-motivated with a creative ability to think outside the box to achieve results.

I put myself forward as a creative and innovative motivational people manager, with a ‘hands on’ style, capable of achieving outstanding results and exceeding targets.”