Sasha Buonasorte

I am an award-winning fundraiser who has worked in the F2F fundraising industry for 9 years. I currently manage Shelter’s agency based F2F programme, and I am responsible for the strategy and delivery of this multi-million-pound budget. Outside of this I am a Transformational Wellbeing Coach, working with individuals to boost confidence and achieve personal and professional goals.

Sasha at #F2FCongress23:
Day 1, 14:00-14:45: Keynote 2 – Do we owe our fundraisers more than just a wage?
Day 3, 10:45-11:45: Workshop 4E – Building the next Generation of Fundraisers with Elsbeth de Ridder – Save the Children International (Spain) and Stephan Kropf – Austrian Fundraising Association (Austria)

Sasha Buonasorte F2F Fundraising Congress 2023