Stephan Kropf

Stephan Kropf since 2010 works for Fundraising Association Austria, where he heads up the Austrian Quality Initiative for F2F fundraising (“QIF”). He launched the organisation’s first-ever certification programme for F2F fundraisers in 2022.

Stephan got his start in fundraising working as door-to-door fundraiser for the Red Cross and the Caritas. He holds a masters’ degree in economics and a diploma in adult education and has lived and worked in Italy, Macedonia and Switzerland.

Stephan at #F2FCongress23:
Day 1, 15:15-16:15: Workshop 1E – Education and Certification of Fundraisers
Day 2, 14:15-15:15: Workshop 3E – How attractive is the F2F job profile? – Learnings from a study among Austrian Students.
Day 3, 10:45-11:45Workshop 4E – Building the next Generation of Fundraisers with Elsbeth de Ridder – Save the Children International (Spain) and Sasha Buonasorte – Shelter UK (UK)

Stephan Kropf
Austrian Fundraising Association